Goof Off® Paint Removers & Strippers are sold exclusively at Lowe's Home Improvement stores.

Paint Removers & Strippers

Sold Exclusively at Lowe's Home Improvement Stores

Goof Off® Paint Removers and Strippers make doing Do-It-Yourself projects faster and easier. Our proven solutions are formulated to cut through old paint, stains, varnishes, UV coatings and adhesives – softening and lifting even the toughest materials to make removal quick, easy, and complete. And Goof Off® offers a complete selection right for every type of project.

So, whether you’re working on furniture or replacing a floor, there’s a Goof Off® paint remover or stripper right for you!


Click link to learn more about Hazards of Using Paint Removers for Bathtub Refinishing Operations (Paint Stripper After Wash is excluded)

Aerosol Pro Stripper - FG764 18 oz.

Semi-Paste Pro Stripper - FG760 Quart

Semi-Paste Pro Stripper - FG761 Gallon

Semi-Paste All-Purpose Stripper - FG762 Quart

Semi-Paste All-Purpose Stripper - FG763 Gallon

Liquid Sprayable Stripper - FG765 Quart

Liquid Sprayable Stripper - FG767 Gallon

Pro Strength Adhesive Remover - FG769 Gallon

Paint Stripper After Wash - FG773 Quart

How do I apply Goof Off® Semi Paste Pro Stripper for best results?
Apply it thick, and only brush in one direction. This prevents the thickener in the stripper from getting too torn up, so the product doesn’t evaporate away before softening the finish. Give the stripper time to work, at least 15 minutes, before test scraping it. If the finish is ready to come off, scrape it off, moving any damp stripper to the next area to be stripped. Then wipe the stripped surface down with mineral spirits or paint thinner to remove any residue.

Goof Off® Semi Paste Pro Stripper dried on my surface, what should I do?
Reapply the stripper liberally and let it stand 15 to 30 minutes. The stripper will soften up the dried stripper and the stripping project can continue.

What temperature’s are best to use Goof Off® Semi Paste Pro Stripper?
Between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit are best. Any temperature above or below this window and the stripper will work slower.

Is the Goof Off® Semi Paste Pro Stripper flammable?

Is it safe to use Goof Off® Semi Paste Pro Stripper on fiberglass?
No, this stripper is strong enough that it can severely damage fiberglass.

What type of brush should be used to apply stripper?
Use inexpensive natural bristle brushes that can be disposed of afterward.

How should Goof Off® Semi Paste All Purpose Stripper be applied?
In a thick coat with a single brush stroke. Strippers contain ingredients to retard evaporation. Excess brushing causes loss of the active ingredients, causing the stripper to dry out. For safety reasons, keep the work area small and manageable (no more than 9 sq. ft. area).

Can I use the Goof Off® Semi Paste All Purpose Stripper near a pilot light?
No, this stripper is flammable, and shouldn’t be used near any open flame or source or spark.

Are there any Goof Off® paint strippers that are water-soluble?
Yes, Goof Off® Semi Paste All Purpose Stripper and Liquid Sprayable Stripper are both water-soluble. Goof Off® Semi Paste All Purpose Stripper helps remove wood stain and varnishes. Goof Off® Liquid Sprayable Stripper works on paint, epoxy, and polyurethane.

Is Goof Off® Pro Strength Adhesive Remover safe for wood surfaces?

Is Goof Off® Pro Strength Adhesive Remover safe for metal surfaces?

Can Goof Off® Pro Strength Adhesive Remover be used to remove adhesive from fiberglass?
No, this is not recommended.

Can I use Goof Off® Pro Strength Adhesive Remover to take spilled adhesive from finished furniture?
No, this is not recommended.

Can I use Goof Off® Pro Strength Adhesive Remover on plastic surfaces?
No, this is not recommended.

Should I ventilate the area when I’m using the Goof Off® Pro Strength Adhesive Remover?
Yes, there must be proper ventilation.

What’s in the Goof Off® Paint Stripper After Wash?
Acetone, Xylene and Methanol are the primary ingredients.

How long should I let the surface dry before I go to refinish it?
At least 48 hours.

How should I apply the Goof Off® Paint Stripper After Wash?
Apply with an abrasive scuff pad. This will help remove stripper residue from the grain of the wood.

Aerosol Pro Stripper

Semi-Paste Pro Stripper

Semi-Paste All-Purpose Stripper

Liquid Sprayable Stripper

Pro Strength Adhesive Remover

Paint Stripper After Wash

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