Great product! Removes outdoor rust stains caused by well water sprinklers, as advertised. Product should be better marketed! When shopping at Home Depot and Lowes we asked for a recommendation for an outdoor rust stain remover and your wonderful product was never recommended even though it was right there on display. (Sales people did not know it existed). Only CLR was suggested. That product does not work. My wife found Goof Off Rust Stain Remover at Lowes while checking other rust removers in the same area of the store. Glad we selected your product! It solved our problem of stained siding and walks and was so easy to use. This is our first testimonial!

John R – NJ

I'm very impressed and happy with this rust stain remover. Good stuff! I used a gallon of this today to clean 100 feet of badly stained vinyl fence and it worked great! I put a little in a bucket then used a sponge mop to apply it to the fence. It started working immediately and removed the rust stains in just minutes.

Nate – UT

Recently we used your product to clean out one of our ATV engines. I must say it worked extremely well. It got all the oil, dirt and grit out leaving it spotless and ready to be rebuilt.

J. Fulton – Gulfport, MS

Very cool stuff! I used this on the vinyl siding of my house and it works great, it takes off the oxidation and it lasts a long time!

G Richards – PA

What a difference!!This is probably one of the weirdest endorsements you have ever heard but I just had to write. I have older white carpets through out my second floor. I had dark black lines where the carpeting meets the wall. Although I have the carpets professionally cleaned every year the dark remained. Today I bought your product and used it to clean the carpet. The dark areas are now as white as the rest of the carpet. I really didn't expect to see much of a difference, but I was pleasantly surprised. I love your product and will continue to use Goof Off. Thanks for this miracle liquid!

Karen – NJ

What a great product!I had a spot on my carpet that had been there for over a year. I have tried Oxi-clean, Resolve, and had Stanley Steamer come to clean my carpet. Nothing got this stain out. I happened to buy this product to remove some tape residue and was reading the bottle so I decided that I would try it on the stain on my carpet. I couldn't believe it, it actually got it out. I am going to start giving it with all wedding shower gifts as a must have household item. Thanks!

Amanda – OH

When I get done with a caulk job, it's everywhere. Thank goodness for Goof Off. Everything cleans up nice and it looks like a pro did the job. Cleaned up the tools real good, too.

Mark V – Indiana

I didn't really believe that this would work on removing the heavy rust stains from the vinyl siding on my house, but just a few minutes after spraying it on-the rust stains completely disappeared! Too easy!!

Rust Stains Disappered! – SC

I am using the Goof-Off Rust Stain Remover. Best product I have ever used, it's amazing. Thanks

Sandy J – FL

THE PAINT IS GONE!!! Awesome! - I'm so impressedI just used Goof Off on a jacket that I got some paint on a long time ago and have washed and dried a few times since then. I really needed to wear this jacket and figured I had nothing to lose trying to get the paint off. I used this stuff with a cloth rag and gently applied and rubbed at it, then once I was satisfied I put some Dawn on it and just put it in the wash like regular. Thank you!

M. Ashley – FL

Works like a charm on all of my craft projects where I use super glue — and my husband uses it for cleaning glued joints when making furniture.

L. Heuglin – KY

WOW!!! Got the metallic dark bronze Rust-Oleum spray paint off of my index finger...Washed it off so easily, as if it was simply water and syrup smile

Lori – MD

I have just posted this product on my Facebook page, I am so excited I have finally found something that works on my kitchen! Over the tops of my cupboards has always been a drudge but when I saw this in the grocery store — I thought — I have tried everything else so I'll give it a chance, not really expecting it to work. Voila!! I can't believe how easy it works...just like the directions say!! Thank you for putting this in a bottle!

Pamela – USA

Thanks for a wonderful product! I have very heavy rust stains in my tub. I have tried many products and used a lot of elbow grease and still never removed all the stains. I found your product today at Menards. I came home, sprayed the tub, and wiped off all the stains!!

Cindy V. – IL

This product does wonders on rust and hard water build up. I use it on the tub and toilets and it makes all the stains disappear.

Brenda – IA